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We’ve provided premier roofing services for over 35 years.

Roof Installation, Replacement and Repair in Sturbridge, MA

With over 35 years of roofing and home improvement experience, David Barbale can handle all types of roof installation, roof replacement and roof repair.

We are a trusted and experienced roofing company serving Sturbridge, MA and we take pride in providing fast and quality roofing services that both look great and work right.


We have a reference list of 100+ happy customers.

Trusted Roofing Contractor in Sturbridge, MA

Small enough to listen. Big enough to deliver.

David Barbale Home Improvement is a professional roofing company serving Sturbridge, MA. David Barbale Home Improvement provides a full range of roof installation, roof replacement and roof repair services.

With a dedication to quality and a commitment to durability, we work with you to make the crown of your house a distinguishing mark of your home.  As contractors serving Sturbridge, MA we understand the historic nature of most homes and their roofs. That’s why we handle every roof with care, paying attention to the smallest details.

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Residential Roofing Installation, Replacement and Repair

Your roof protects one of your most important investments: your home.

That’s why we believe your roof should be made to last. It’s also why we promise to employ best practice roofing procedures and only use quality, proven roofing materials.

Our Sturbridge, MA roofing team specializes in new roof installation, roof replacement and roof repair services.

Our residential roofing team holds itself to the highest professional standards and we work closely with you, our customer, to achieve total satisfaction on every project.


We offer premier roof installation, replacement and repair services.

Types of Installation (Installation Process):

  • Free evaluation/estimate
  • Removing old roof
  • Protecting against ice
  • Apply drip edge
  • Installation of underlayment
  • Installation of roofing shingles
  • Sealing vents/pipes/chimney

Types of Replacement:

  • Tile shingles
  • Asphalt singles
  • Wood shingles

Types of Repair:

  • Cracked roof
  • Leaking roof
  • Rotted roof
  • Raised shingles
  • Wrong flashing and rubber
  • Not properly finished around chimney

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David Barbale Home Improvement

Address: 263 Carpenter Hill Rd, Charlton, MA 01507
Phone: (508) 248-6709
Email: [email protected]

David Barbale Home Improvement serves Worcester County and surrounding areas.

Our Sturbridge, MA roofing team holds itself to highest standards of professionalism, aiming for the complete satisfaction of everyone it serves. Contact us today for a free estimate of your new roof installation, roof replacement or roof repair needs.

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