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Our Auburn siding repair team delivers the best siding replacement, repair, and installation services and materials in Auburn. We offer superior repair, installation, and replacement of almost any type of siding and a large selection of high-quality siding materials from CertainTeed, one of the best manufacturers in the industry. Our Auburn siding replacement team ensures that our clients are satisfied with the great work and services that we provide.
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Auburn, MA is a gorgeous area, and the homes are very well protected by the town of Auburn to maintain the beauty and historical aspects of the town. Our Auburn siding team is very privileged to help our neighbors in Auburn with all of their siding repair and installation projects. We love being able to be part of the wonderful Auburn community and support the town’s pursuit to keep the beauty and charm of all of its buildings.

I Need Help With My Siding In Auburn - Are There Any Resources I Should Know About?

The Town of Auburn may require a permit for the installation, replacement, or repair of siding. You can visit the town webpage or contact the Auburn Building Division to find out whether you are required to obtain a permit for your siding repair or installation. To view the full selection of materials and siding specifications that our Auburn siding team offers, you can visit CertainTeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Replacement and Siding Repair

What is the most durable siding?
James Hardie siding is the most durable. It’s composed of cement, sand, and fibers. This product is made to be warp and impact resistant as well as inflammable. It is much more durable and sturdier than the typical vinyl siding. It also has a 30-year warranty but can easily outlast that warranty if it is painted and maintained. CertainTeed Monogram vinyl siding is a great, more affordable alternative and has the same qualities of weather-resistance, strength, and durability.
What is the cheapest way to side a house?
Using vinyl siding is the cheapest way to side your house. It is not only the cheapest to install, but also the easiest. Vinyl siding is easy to cut and does not require any paint once it is installed. Since it is so easy to install, the installation process is also the cheapest compared to the installation process of other types of siding.
What color siding has the best resale value?
In today’s market, most buyers are more drawn to lighter tones, shades, and color palettes. Any neutral colored siding will have the best resale value since it appeals to a wider range of buyers in the market. The most popular siding colors at the present are white, gray, and blue.
What type of siding is most energy efficient?
The most energy efficient type of siding is insulated vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is thermally resistant even without foam insulation siding. Thus, when paired, insulated vinyl siding acts like a blanket around your home keeping the warmth in and ultimately decreasing your energy bills.
Does vinyl siding add value to your home?
Yes. Since vinyl siding is basically maintenance-free, never needs a coat of paint, is energy efficient, and is prefered by the largest group of buyers in the market, it can add a great amount of value to your home.
Is insulated siding worth it?
Yes, insulated siding is definitely worth it. It makes your home much more energy efficient and can be relatively cheap to purchase and install. Since you’re not going to replace your siding very often, insulating it when you do can make a big difference in the value of your home and in your energy bills.
What color siding is the most popular on a house?
White is the age-old favorite when it comes to siding. However, many neutral colors and lighter palettes are very popular too at the present. Shades of gray, blue, and green are next in line after white. These colors appeal to the widest range of homeowners as well as most buyers.
How long does vinyl siding last on a house?
Vinyl siding can last over 40 years if maintained well. It may be damaged and need to be replaced sooner than that depending on a few factors such as heavy weather, too much sunlight, high pest activity, and poor installation. You can prolong how long it lasts by adding a layer of paint for protection from sunlight, weather, and bugs, making sure that it is properly installed, and maintaining the walls and areas surrounding it. Vinyl siding also comes with some type of warranty that ranges from a few years to a lifetime, which ensures that the siding will stay intact and keep its color if a new color has not been added after the manufacturing process.


The job was completed in a day and it was like they were never here!
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“David Barbale did a roof replacement for us. We contacted 4 different companies for a quote. David Barbale was the only company that sent an email detailing a description of work and materials. The work was done sooner than expected. The crew was great.

They took pictures showing the work in progress to show that they did what they said they were going to do. The job was completed in a day and it was like they were never here. The roof looks great! Great job guys!!”


Dave himself(as the contractor) was very friendly, comunicative, (he ALWAYS returned calls and texts),punctual and thorough.
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“Really great work! David and his company of plumbers, plasterers, electricians, floor guys and carpenters, just finished a complete demolition, and rehab,and bathroom installation,on our bathroom originally installed over 60 years ago.

Dave himself(as the contractor) was very friendly, comunicative, (he ALWAYS returned calls and texts),punctual and thorough. The people who work with him, are all people who have worked with him, an average of 20 years (you can trust them to be in your home alone) and they do really great work !


Dave showed up promptly to review our roof situation and prepare a very reasonable estimate.
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To write a sufficiently glowing review of Dave Barbale and his work is impossible! Dave showed up promptly to review our roof situation and prepare a very reasonable estimate.

The weather was not cooperative this spring, but on the first possible day Dave showed up with a crew and got our job done, very much to our satisfaction. Thank you Dave Barbale!